Statue of Queen Marie of Romania

Year of unveiling


Person/persons/event to whom the monument is dedicated

Queen Marie of Romania.


Piața Regele Ferdinand, Oradea 410100

Location in relation to the surroundings

The statue is located near the Queen Marie Theater, the Sztarill Palace, the former Panonnia Hotel, the bazaar building and the Poynar Palace.

Text of the inscription

Queen Marie of Romania 1875 – 1938; In remembrance of the visit of His Majesty Ferdinand I, King of Romania, and Queen Marie, on 23 May 1919.

General description

The statue depicts Queen Marie standing and holding a document and the royal seal. The statue of the Queen is made of bronze, it is 2.6 m high and was mounted on a 2.5 m high rectangular plinth, coated with Baschioi stone and decorated with two sculpted girdles. The pedestal has two plaques made of bronze, bearing explanatory texts and Oradea's coat of arms. It is the work of sculptor Dumitru Paina.



The circumstances of unveiling

Prince Radu and prince Nicolae unveiled the statue of Queen Marie, which was built by the Municipality of Oradea in front of the State Theater, in Ferdinand Square, where the monument had been placed in the interwar period.

Later history

The statue itself was erected by the Municipality of Oradea in front of the State Theatre, in Ferdinand Square, on the same spot where a statue of Queen Marie had existed in the interwar period.

Contemporary importance

It is a popular tourist destination among those visiting the city.


4 Piaţa Ferdinand I
Oradea, Județul Bihor.
Rumunia ,